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We have painstakingly sourced our own fabric, focusing carefully on the best possible quality – ensuring that the weave, thread size, twist ratio, colour fastness, softness and durability is fit for purpose. Here are some of the specialised fabrics we have access to for custom uniform and hi-vis workwear manufacture.


Bespoke Fabric Technology

SilverTech Bacteria Control • Bamboo Cotton Back • Cooling Fabric•  Wrinkle-free • Recycled PET Polyester Cotton Back• Polyester Cotton Back • Insect Repellent • Fire Resistant • Ultra Durable HexStrength Cotton

RPET Polyester Cotton Back Fabric

Similar to traditional polyester cotton back fabric, this fabric combines the best of both polyester and cotton. However, the polyester in this fabric is made from recycled PET fibres. Post consumer waste, including water bottles and fishing nets, are collected and sterilised, dried and then crushed into small chips. The chips are heated and passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn. This yarn is then used to create recycled PET fabrics using various methods of knitting and weaving, depending on the desired fabric.

  • Able to be sublimated, ideal for custom uniforms

  • Fabric made from recycled fibres

  • Cooling benefits of cotton against the skin

Polyester Cotton Back Fabric

Cotton back polyester fabric combines the best of both fibres. The polyester face gives vibrant colour, strong colour fastness and a tidy look. The inner, cotton backing provides cool cotton comfort against the skin, allowing the garment to breathe and absorb perspiration.

  • Able to be sublimated, ideal for custom uniforms

  • Cooling benefits of cotton against the skin

Bamboo Back Polyester

Bamboo fabric is considered an environmentally friendly material. Compared to its most similar textile of cotton, bamboo does not usually require pesticides or fertilisers and grows well without a lot of additional resources. Bamboo fibre is a highly water absorbent fabric (hygroscopic). Bamboo fabric is cool in hot weather as it draws moisture away from the skin, and warm in cold conditions which means it provides natural temperature control, is incredibly soft and great for sensitive skin. The natural antibacterial and moisture wicking properties pull moisture from the skin, keep odour at bay. The polyester front increases fabric durability, colour-fastness and resists stretching and shrinkage – keeping your team looking sharper for longer. They are also easy care – ideal for use in uniform programs.

  • Sustainable raw material

  • Super absorbent

  • Unbelievably soft

  • Easy care

  • Able to be sublimated, ideal for custom uniforms


Superior wrinkle and fade resistance with yarn-wicked breathable fabric technology. Functional garments for the working environment ensures you look and feel great.

  • Easy Care – Machine wash ’n’ wear.

  • Wrinkle Resistant.

  • Breathable – Yarn-wicked to keep you cool.

  • Quick Dry – Rapid evaporation of moisture through the fibres.

  • Shrink Resistant – Ensures the garment retains its shape.

  • Fade Resistant – Garment retains its colour.

SilverTech Bacteria Control

SilverTech takes feeling fresh to a new level. One of the oldest anti-bacterials known to man, antibacterial Silver Ions minimise odour by binding to moisture and killing bacteria. Silver interrupts the bacteria cell’s ability to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival And because it’s nano-scale yarn treatment, it won’t wash out – keeping you fresher for the life of the garment. This fabric is highly desirable in customer-facing uniforms:

  • Reduces staff body odour, which can be a cause of complaints by customers

  • Staff report the uniform feels fresher for longer giving them confidence

  • Easy Care

  • Static Free, increasing comfort for staff in static environment

Cooling Fabrics Ideal for Sublimation Printing

Breathable Performance fabric which utilises unique moisture wicking fabric technology, giving you maximum comfort and keeping you cool when you need it most. This fabric is ideally suited to sublimation printing, achieving a highly flexible design application to integrate any branding element.

  • Breathable fabric wicks moisture off the skin using moisture Management Technology.

  • Maximum airflow to maintain comfort in any situation.

  • Quick Dry – Rapid evaporation of moisture through the fibres.

  • Easy Care – Machine wash ’n’ wear.

For more information on the fabric technology used in our TURA Sports teamwear range, click here.

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