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Pacific Uniform's customisation capability also puts us at a unique advantage, with the ability to custom manufacture selected items in your uniform program, featuring leading-edge fabric, details and design patterns. Custom manufacturing offers the biggest efficiencies to businesses with 25-1000+ staff, operating across multiple locations, departments or brands.


Protect Your Brand With Custom Uniforms.


Custom uniforms provides brands maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of your workforce, and infuse your brand into custom workwear. Custom uniforms also protect the business from copy-cat uniform programs. This is a real threat as most uniform suppliers have access to the same range of ready-made uniform options.


Benefits of customisation. 


Custom uniforms provide brands maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of your workers, and infuse your brand into the garment.


  • Match to your corporate colours

  • Add your corporate branding

  • Custom garment features and details

  • Customise the garment pattern

  • Customised fabric options

  • Personalise with employee ID

  • Custom garment labels

Garments infused with your brand. 


We integrate your brand into your uniform, and enable it to truly differentiate your business, align with your values, and add value to your workforce. Our design team brings a wealth of experience to the development of your uniform, including pattern design, brand application, modern production and embellishment techniques, fabric choice and manufacturing expertise. Let us help you customise your brand image.

Nasfund-uniform pacific uniforms.jpg

Quality embellishment. 


Embellishments can go a long way in making your brand more engaging on a uniform or promotional item. With our market-leading technology available in-house or at the point of manufacture, your mind will be blown by the myriad of printing and embellishment options now available to customers.

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